IQBS offers it’s client leadership development in the areas of Executive Coaching, Executive Analysis and Evaluation, and Executive Development.

Executive Coaching

The continuous development of talent and leadership through a processes of individual analysis, partner analysis, team assessment and group goal orientation in order to product more progress strategic behaviors for the benefit of the organization. The process is design to get to heart of what is really need to guide and lead during extraordinary challenges and still be able to be proactive as well as positive.

Our coaching team provides your organization with a seamless integration of management development tools that are based on the culture you have towards the culture that you desire. Our objective is assist your organization with coaching that only leads to winning situation and reduce the retention and legal issues that may happen due the lack of leadership development.

Each of our coaches providing years of practical knowledge as well as scholarship to ensure that real work situation have real world solutions. We believe that we are there for short or long run based on how much coaching is really necessary to turn your companies situation to an economic positive.

Executive Analysis and Evaluation

Sometimes we just need to know where we are to know where we are going. Our methods of executive analysis and evaluation allow your organization to see its strengths as well as the areas that need improvement. This allows us to work on meaningful retention of key members of the organization and assist other to grow in new directions that benefit the organization and the individual.

We have a wide variety of tools and methods to get you to what your leadership is really about and what motivates them to be even more successful. The key here is no matter what your executive development needs are we can and will be there to assist your organization over the tough times and into the light of continuous success.

Executive Development

We are known for developing necessary micro courses that provide in a half day to full day or e learning environment methods to management every major corporate illness, from time management, project management , leadership development, personal development, and custom design courses on the latest business challenges. Our rationale for designing custom courses is believe your company and situations are unique and therefore you deserve a unique, effective and quick means to the desired end, success.

We can design a complete beyond the MBA process that allow for learning with real projects in real time for exceptional financial results. Most organizations offer you my or their way of solving a problem, we are research and experience based we offer a menu of solutions and assist you with one that not only fits but works best for you.

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