Many top companies realize huge benefits from targeted training designed to improve the performance and knowledge of their most valuable asset—human capital. IQBS is positioned to assist organizations making the transition to becoming a learning organization—an essential business requirement for developing and maintaining a culture focused on innovation for organizational growth.

Our clients’ strategic goals drive our methodology to human resource training and development.

One of IQBS’ core competencies consist of conducting a rapid needs assessment with your Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to determine organizational performance-based training needs. These findings provide the foundation to design and develop targeted training with ongoing evaluations based on organization strategic goals, objectives, uses and the trainee’s persona. Our experiences, over 20,000 adult practitioners trained, have proven the strategic approach to human resource development serves both the client and IQBS well. Using the targeted training technique contributes to ensuring a positive Return on Investment (ROI) from course development to course delivery.

Our Quality Assurance policy mandates that each course is evaluated to ensure it is well-received, effective, and contributing to delivering a positive ROI. We practice Kirkpatrick’s Four (4) Levels of Evaluations and Phillip’s Fifth (5th) level that addresses the specifics of ROI. Through continuous process improvement (CPI) we follow up during the later levels of evaluation to implementation and measurements to determine effectiveness and work with management to ascertain any appropriate courses of action to maintain that learning effectiveness.

IQBS uses a number of vehicles to deliver training including: face-to-face training and e-learning.

In today’s marketplace, employers are faced with the challenge of doing more with less. To accomplish this, they must equip employees with practical and applicable tools to allow them and their organizations to succeed. IQBS understands the four Es of corporate performance: efficiency, entrepreneurship, equity, and ethics. Choosing and maintaining effective human resource development programs is clearly not a trivial issue. Contact us for an initial consultation.

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