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Develop a Successful Web Site at IQue Business Solutions (e-mail us about our not for profit discount).
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Initial Stage
Stage 5
Stage 7

Stage 1 Domain Name

Stage 1 above should assist you with selecting your domain name. Below is a chart of fees that are associated with selecting and setting up a domain name.


Selecting your domain name or names


This can be avoided is your use stage 2 as a guideline. This is only a guide not exact.

Register Domain Name


Due annually this price could be as much as $21.95

Park Domain Name


This cost can be prevented is your have already selected your Internet service provider.

Stage 5 - Site Design/Development

IQue Business Solutions offer the ability to designed and developed your site by page or by package. Below is an example of what a site may cost. This cost is determined by the complexity of the site. For example a basic brochure site can go for as little as $599.00 a site. All fee's include domain registration and 1 year of hosting services.

Mid level Brochure Site

To get started try our entry-level web site with approximately 8 plus pages of company information. Complete site with keyword optimization and registration with all major search engines are included, a location finder and up to 5 images and 30 links. This site Starts at $995. Contact us about our special discounts.

Complex interactive site

This sit have all the bells and whistles, including: forms, database, logo etc. Usually including 20 or more pages. These sites start at $1,900 depending on the number of pages and complexity of the site.

Stage 6 - Professional Placement and marketing

Professional placement and marketing Web Site Design Professionals for site development and Maintenance are shown below.

Stage 7- Site Maintenance

It is important to regularly update the content of your site. This gives a reason for visitors to come back often. You can choose to pay an hourly fee of $75 for content changes or contract a fixed fee for multiple updates.

Additional pages are being billed at $75-$125 each. Banner ads are being designed for $55. As described in our Pricing Tables, animation is typically priced at $75 an hour, and hyperlinks are being created for over $55 an hour.

Basic Brochure Site Start At:

Up to 10 HTML pages design/develop
Graphical and text layout
Up to 5 links
Up to 5 scanned images or graphics
Up to 1 custom graphics
Custom navigation scheme
75 Mb disk storage
*Hosted as http://www.yourcompany.com/

Development: $595 -- Monthly: $ 49

Stage 2 - Site Content

Site Content should be gathered in its entirety for site posting. We suggest that this information be put in an electronic format to expedite the movement of the data. If site content is scanned or typed by a services, the fees can rise rapidly This service is supplied under our pricing plan below. It includes scanning and typing services.

Stage 3 - Hosting Services

We provide hosting service through partner companies.This service has a Monthly "rent" to host your web site.

The fee varies according to the size of your site and optional services, but is typically just $20-$275 per month plus initial and annual fees. Commerce site hosting fees are higher. This fee can be billed monthly, quarterly, semiannually or annually. Contact us for details.

Stage 4 - Site Consultation

Site Consultation Is broken into two parts, the initial visit which is free and follow-up visits that are priced at an hourly rate.


Initial Consultation


Review stages 1 through 3 will help make your initial visit more beneficial. This is to be used only as a guide.

Follow-up Consultation


The number hour spent in this area will depend on how well organized your are.


Hourly Options Hourly Rates EXPLANATION

Web design


This can be reduced if you use stage 2 as a guideline. This is only a guide not exact.

Single page design

$95. - $175 each

This is largely determined by the amount of thought you have put in to your site

Basic form 15 fields

$100/design $60/hr

Creating a form consist of design which is fixed usually and development charges by the hour.

Interactive form


See chart below for other charges

Audio recording/editing


Add sound to your site

e-commerce sites


Site where you can shop

Digital Picture Session


Local Customers can take advantage of digital pictures produced by the company

HTML Programming



CGI programming


Customize CGI options



Customized Java Options

Database programming


Database layout setup and programming

Word Processing/Text Editing


(hourly rate - 15 minute minimum charge)

Miscellaneous Graphics


custom graphics such as logos, mastheads, special font headings, backgrounds, image maps, rollovers, enhancements (including resizing, retouching, and color.

Because pricing for web site development can become complex and confusing, IQue Business Solutions offers component pricing as well as packages. By choosing the components that would best serve your needs, you can quickly reach a bottom line to suit your budget.


Customized Theme Set
For the "front" page: includes 1 background tile or border (wallpaper), header/banner, bar/divider, 
3 navigational buttons, 1 e-mail button, 
2 guest book buttons


Additional Page/s - Layout/Setup
(per page; up to 600 words)

$ 75

Original Company Logo
(minimum price)

$ 200

Image Map/Mouse-Overs
(minimum price)

$ 50

CGI Scripts (each)

$ 150

Digital Pictures (Taken/Layout)(each)(package plan available)

$ 75

Image Scanning (each)

$   5/each

Site Maintenance (negotiable)


Submission To Top 5 Search Engines
(Includes keyword/phrase development & refreshed quarterly to 1 year)


Additional Navigational Buttons

$   5

Intermediate Site Start At:

11-15 HTML pages design/develop
Graphical and text layout
Up to 10 links
Up to 15 scanned images or graphics
Up to 3 custom graphics
100 Mb disk storage 10 gig bandwidth
*Hosted as http://www.yourcompany.com/

Development: $1095 -- Monthly: $120

Complex interactive Site Start At:

20 plus HTML pages design/develop
Graphical and text layout
Up to 15 links
Up to 15 scanned images or graphics
Up to 3 custom graphics
100 Mb disk storage 10 gig bandwidth
Web promotion
*Hosted as http://www.yourcompany.com/

Development: $1900 -- Monthly: $150

  • First 3 revisions to site included.
  • Further revisions are billed between $30 - $60/hour in 15 minute increments

PAYMENT TERMS:  50% down payment; balance to be paid upon Client's final approval of work.  Payment to be by Postal Money Order or Cashier's Check.  If payment is by personal check, the site will be held until check clears (up to 14 days for clearance).

IQue Business Solutions retains Copyright to all graphics
unless otherwise negotiated.
Client retains License for Exclusive Use.

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