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Thanks for considering IQue business solutions as your company of choice. You are considering becoming a part of an organization that has established an outstanding reputation for providing quality and unique services. Credit for this goes to every member of our highly qualified team of professional employees, past and present. When you decide to job our team, we're sure that you will find satisfaction and take pride in a career with IQBS.

IQBS Benefits include: Salaried Employees Hourly Employees

Health insurance coverage through. IQBS pay 50% of the premium for coverage. Covered benefits may include prescription drug coverage.

Yes No

Dental plan.

Yes No

Long Term and Short Term Disability Insurance is available.

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A SEP-IRA plan where IQBS matches twenty cents on the dollar up to 5% of the employee's annual salary.

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Paid vacation, Holidays and sick time.

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Paid over-time for monthly hours for exempt status employees.

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IQBS conducts annual formal performance/salary reviews. For consultants, we consider client feedback as a determination of how salaries are adjusted. These annual review are kept in you employee personnel files for other bonus considerations. All Client participation in this process is voluntary and confidential.

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